We offer

An environment in harmony with those within it

Every space, large or small, should work in harmony with your desires and your archetype. That’s why I relish the intimate projects and heartily embrace the mammoth tasks to create places that are special, personal, productive and enjoyable.

Whether you are looking to refresh an existing interior, embrace the harmony of feng shui, or literally start your design from the ground up, Architypes of Interiority can be your journey partner and navigator for:

  • Interior Architecture and design
  • Style guidance
  • Architect and builder liaison
  • Retail interiors
  • Commercial interiors
  • Residential environments
  • Exhibition experiences
  • Product design
  • Trend Forecasting


From a holiday house to grand residence, home office or a large firm with hundreds of staff, I can create a design and ambience solution that suits you or your business needs.

Tailored corporate and residential space rejuvenation is crafted to suit your specific needs, and bring a new freshness and vitality into your environment. Over time we build up clutter – both physical and aesthetic – but by rejuvenating your surroundings, the unnecessary is removed, old energy is shifted, tired design is replaced, energy pathways are enhanced, and a greater sense of spatial freedom and harmony is created. This not only rejuvenates the space, but also those who inhabit it.

I take the time to fully understand you, or your team’s needs to gain a deeper appreciation of the who, what and why, through a selected blend of Myers Briggs, Carl Jung and feng shui principles. I assess the workings of the space to define what is necessary, what is desired, and what is acting as an obstacle to progress and well-being.

With this insight into the essence of your lifestyle aspirations or the fundamental elements of your business, I can then provide pragmatic yet innovative and inspired guidance to enhance your space through design, layout and planning, art, plants and other intrinsic elements in your living or working environment that will positively affect the energy flow and comfort of the environment and its occupants.