Get ready to explore the amazing, the captivating, the calming and the inspiring.

But before we set off, I need to view your world through your eyes. I listen and absorb, take notes and ask questions. As we chat ideas come to mind – my mind and your mind. Some we laugh at, some we put to one side, some quieten us, some fire us up, but all of them have their place.

We talk about the things you love and those you don’t. And we consider the others who’ll inhibit the space – what inspires them, what annoys them, and what confronts them and what comforts them.

Most importantly, there is no single formula to crafting an exceptional space. It is a journey that follows its own paths, and along the way we will cross bridges and stepping-stones, hurdles and gateways…

These personal reflections are what allow me to create designs, ideas and ever-lasting impressions.