A story begins


It’s time to step into a world of the extraordinary, the unique, the enchanted, and the distinctive.

Interior surroundings and design are shaped by the very souls who inhabit this space. It is a many-layered domain crafted out of a rare and inimitable connection between ideas, inspiration, archetype and style.


And to find this wonderfully individual place, simply close your eyes and imagine, for it surrounds you, comforts you, invigorates you and calms you. It’s your haven. It’s your story. It’s your space.


Every personal place tells a story about the people who reside there.

But is that story pedestrian or extraordinary? Well, that is up to those who live it and those who tell it.

It is a story crafted by you, your life, your spirit and your universe. As an interior designer, my role is to use nature, energy and harmony to interpret your story and your archetype and bring them to life – in a way that re-imagines and re-energises your environment to truly reflect the essence of who you are and how you dream to live.

Let your story begin…